Bari and south Italy

We went for a week to Bari. Bari is a city along the Adriatic coats of Italy in the South Italian province Puglia. If you don't live seeing to much tourist on your holiday and want to see a different view of Italy; visit south Italy!

Top visit list

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When arriving on the airport of Bari the first thing you see in the arrival hall is a big map of all the thing Puglia is known for. One of the thing you will see on it are the Alberolbello. Tiny white houses with a gabled.

The village Alberolbello is an UNESCO sight and you can view the most Alberolbello there. Around the Puglia region you can find, most abandoned, houses along the countryside.

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The capital town of Puglia has a very nice history centre. Small maze like streets will guide you trough the old city. The city has al lot of white buildings and is good place to have breakfast, lunch or diner. In some of the building you can find small places were the locals are watching television or doing bike repairs.

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Castel del Monte

Castle del Monte is located in the centre of the Alta Murgia National Park. We drove to the castle by car and got some great views of the park. When driving trough the park you can see the castle from a distance. In the park you can spot a lot of abandoned Alberello's.

The castle is located on a hill and small touring cars will bring you uphill from a nearby located parking lot.

Inside the castle you can get a great 360 degrees view of Alta Murgia and you can also spot the sea on clear days!

IMG 20180926 124735 Lecce


A nice city to visit is the city of Lecce, located in the heal of Italy its a city where you can find a lot of restaurants, parks and the amphitheatre in the city center.

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Sassi di Matera

The old Sassi is a great place to visit during your trip to Puglia. Located on nearby a ravine you can see a lot of small cave houses. Nearby the church you will find a museum that's decorated in the style the houses were used. It's aslo listed on UNESCO.

When you climb up the city you can get a great view of the surrounds.

Photo impression of Puglia