The city of London

For me It was my first time in London and the Untited Kingdom. For a long time I wanted to go the London and this time my which came out.


On this page I will list some of the thing I realy loved about London.

Things I love about London

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The subway

Huh? Yes, I know what you are thinking. Warm, windy and crowded. True. But if you came to London world biggest subway systems is definitely a visit worth; also most of the sights are best reachable with 'the tub'.

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Sky garden

Before we went to London I booked us a few moment inside the Sky Garden. From this 160 meters high building you can get a great overview of downtown London. When entering the building you first need to go trough the security checks. After that, a very fast elevator will take you to the top of the 38 storey building. Inside the tower is a big garden with bars and restaurant. And of course; a big sky deck for where you can see the river Thames and London.

Tip: make sure you book your tickets on time! I booked mine 2 weeks before our trip early in the morning. Ticket slots are released on specific times during the morning.

Sky Garden is located on 20 Fenchurch Street.


Book your tickets

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Red telephone box

The United Kingdom is crowded with red phone booths so London is. Most of the people will make an selfie with the red telephone boxes around the Westminster tube station. So the best locations to make photos are the places were less tourists are standing.

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Tower bridge

When visiting London's Tower bridge can't be missed. We took tube station Tower Hill near Tower of London to visits the bridge.

Tip: When it's raining you can also take a sightseeing bus and watch the bridge from inside the bus.