Who are we?

We are Myrthe and Roy. A couple from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. We love to do citytrips and sightseeing during our trips. On this blog we would like to give you our personal tips about travelling.


Myrthe is a student and has already seen a lot of the world. Myrthe is intressted in foreign cultures and a fervent skyscanner user.


Roy hasn't seen a lot of the world (yet). He loves cities and is crazy about airplanes. You can leave Roy for days on an airport without him getting bored (don't try it). Roy loves to make list so before starting our trips Roy already has made up a long list with the best sights. Roy is also vegetarian so he knows something eating in other countries is harder than in The Netherlands. He will give tips about the best places to eat on our blog.

Roy's personal webpage